laclair.gifBad news bears (VIP: Total Synthesis and Structure Assignment of (+)-Hexacyclinol). James La Clair’s precious and dubious synthesis of Hexacyclinol, the vaulted controversy detailed here, here, here and here (Update: here) appears to be reheating. Scott D. Rychnovsky’s reassignment of the original structure of Hexacyclinol, which appeared after La Clair’s first ‘synthesis’ of the structure, made waves when it became somewhat obvious that either in La Clair’s solo authorship of his Angew paper he totally made up the already improbable synthesis (he had the help of the Bionic Bros) or Rychnovsky was simply wrong. It now appears that John Porco’s group made the compound to prove his point. I gave James the benefit of the doubt, and this currently being based off a ‘news blip’ I still will not rescind that benefit but I’m growing much more concerned as Rychnovsky’s reputation is as credible as one can get. (Porco too, of course)

My man Mitch came up with the time La Clair will speak at the ACS: I’ll be there… will YOU?


Wednesday, 13 September 2006
3:20 PM 698 Application of total synthesis to probe biological mechanisms. James J La Clair


I’d like to add that I’m still in need of a digital camera for this event. The best deal is that on kodak digital camera, coming with its own editing tools. If one can compromise on that, canon digital cameras are just as good.