Right quick here – Check out Mitch’s blog and download the Chemistry dictionary add on for Microsoft Word and platforms that support OpenOffice. I searched the tubes for something like it for a very long time and found nothing. Now that this exists (and in time for my thesis writing) I have been forever thankful. It’s a great idea to install on your computer if you’re a chemist or do chemical writing.

n559778912_1166876_6445It could use an Installation Wizard coded for it for the mildly computer-retarded but my current thesis-delaying projects are taking up more time than expected as building your own iPod is surprisingly difficult – not because the electronics are hard to figure out, but because it’s really hard to do it for less than three or four times the cost of a commercial iPod. (Though mine will run off rechargeable 9V batteries and a sweet fucking home brew CMOY amp. It will be Bitchin’.  See thumbnail to the left of my present efforts (that’s the 9V from our smoke detector!)  Next step is obviously getting an old iPod and gutting it… which IS NOT going to be happening to my awesome touch.

I’m also making decorative Lichtenberg figures. Writers block is so good for the hobbyist.