Here is a trick you can play if you want to get an Apple system for, all intents and purposes, the price of a comparably spec’ed PC:  Become a student Apple developer (you actually have to be a student.)  Here’s how -

Buy a student membership to Apple’s “Cult of iTurds” developer connection by going here.  After a few hours they will send you an activation code, which you will input when you create yourself an account here.  Once you’ve done that, then you need to send them a copy of your student ID as well as your current course schedule to prove you’re a student.  I photoshopped mine, since I joined after I graduated.  (I know… bad me.  But fuck Apple – srsly.)  Once you’ve done all that, purchase your computer at the developer store for about $500-600 less than retail from here.

I have done all but the last step as I’m still unsure of what I want to get.  My new post-doc is festooned with granola munching Macintards and I’ve been told that my ultra famous post doc advisor cries when he sees PC’s (on the inside, of course).  I have thus committed to getting a (goddamm dirty) Mac.

It really has put me into a fucking bind.  I have been a PC user my whole life, ever since my elementary gave us one to take home and learn on waaaay back in 1989.  For whatever reason, scientists have flocked disproportionately to Apple products which leaves us, quite collectively, between selecting computers that no one uses (PCs) or computers no one makes software for (Macs).   And don’t tell me iNMR is awesome, because I’ve used it.  It isn’t awesome.  It’s fucking a piece of trash.  I mean that.  It actually has sex with trash.  It’s a very expensive piece of trash that has intercourse with other trash.

On the other hand, Macs are pretty sexy.  I think I shall get one of their 17″ laptops with the anti-glare screen.  The specs cause much motion in my trousers.