3quarksdaily is having a contest for the best science writer in the internets and, being the type of person who looks for external gratification, I discovered someone nominated a post of mine in the comments section. I was delighted! Hooray for me, I thought.

TODAY, however, their comments tell a very different story, indeed. One of gross puritanical bullshit. My post was un-nominated. Most likely because I’m on the cutting edge of science writing, producing a product that is nothing short of gonzo science journalism.

As you know, I’m no stranger to not winning anything because I make real people hate the shit out of me and so I’d normally dismiss this outright, but the assholes that read 3quarks are the ones that drive BMWs, drink Starbucks out of their own cups and sit contently in their office enjoying the smell of their own farts the generous, loving individuals that read 3quarks are the ones that make the world go ’round.   So, I can’t. I just can’t let it go. That, and I’m a petty god, like from the Old Testament.

If you have any decency, you’ll find the most profane posts I have produced and plaster them on their website and demand I get their prestigious award. Fuck, if I get the award, I’ll come out of the proverbial anonymous closet. Seriously.

There. Now you have real incentive. Here is where they are taking nominations.

UPDATE:  Uhhh… oops.