Nobel prizes are coming next month, here are my predictions.  I feel strongly that the winner is going to be p-chem/a-chem, but I tossed in my annual favorite – the Palladium trio.  Bioshit is still likely to win, but with Roger’s inevitable victory last year, I think the prize committee will focus their attention elsewhere:

  • Application of LASERs in single molecule spectroscopy: Zare  5-1
  • Contributions of single molecule spectroscopy: Zare/Bard/Moerner 10-1
  • Computational chemistry: Karp/Goddard 12-1
  • Discovery and development of transition metal cross coupling: Suzuki/Heck/Sonogashira 16-1
  • Molecular self assembly, Stoddart/Whitesides/Lehn 73-1
  • Development of advanced materials: Matyjaszewski /Whitesides/Gray/Inokuchi 50-1
  • Work on molecular Chaperones: Hartl/Horwich: 60-1
  • Electron transfer process in proteins: Gray 145-1
  • Contributions to bioinorganic chemistry: Solomon/Gray/Holm 200-1
  • Epigenetics: Cedar/Razin: 350-1
  • Molecular Machines: Stoddart/Feringa/Leigh: 400-1
  • Enzyme mimics, Westheimer/Breslow: 1000-1

UPDATED: 09.13.09

UPDATED: 09.15.09 — Replaced Whitesides with Matyjaszewski and lowered odds, added Hartl and Horwich for work on Chaperones (on account of this article [though I still don't think bio will win it this year]) and removed Westheimer, on account of him being dead. Enzyme mimics are now a long shot of long shots.