Wikipedia? How unoriginal. Whatever. For those of you dissapointed, another $30 is coming and I’ll hold another vote without Wikipedia and growing drugs on campus. Not that Wikipedia isn’t deserving of the money; they are a tireless source of information. Actually, I would go so far as to say they are a primary source for my own edification. That’s not to say I would reference a Wiki article, but if I have questions, that’s the first place I go and, perhaps unwisely, quote that material to others as gospel. Maybe that’s retarded – but I’m certainly not going to stop doing it.

I made a little script, which I assume works in the comments, where you only need to use double brackets to encapsulate a word and it will link to the corresponding article, just like editing a Wikipedia article. The fact that I have a script because I use wiki so much I can’t even bother to properly link with HTML to the articles should tell you something.

So, congratulations Wikipedia! Don’t spend your $27 in one place.

UPDATE: Hmmm… Every time I mention my unwavering support for Wikipedia something like this pops up in the New York Times.