Peter Stang, defender of the JACs, has decreed:

All articles forthwith to be considered as communications need not be of two pages in length but may, without beseechment, be fully a length of 3 pages and shall contain no more, but forever shall be, as it has always been our principus, that a communication shall endeavor to be concise. Since it is known, in this day of advanced reasoning, that some science must be explained with more verbage than others.

Forthwith, back-to-back publications shall also be permitted and it is fully expected that persons who publish in such a fashion shall be mocked sub rosa at the lunch tables out of pure jealousy because they have committed an act of arrogance in the science of chemistry. Hitherto, publications in such a fashion were thought to be most unlikely given the amount of awesome shittery that is communicated by this journal, but now we heed that this may not be true and have decided to relent this position. Since it is known, in this day of advanced reasoning, that one can publish two communications in JACs on related issues without resulting to the trouble of composing a full article since lazy is good and full articles don’t get read that well.

So decreed on this day, June Twenty-Seventh Two Thousand and Seven. May your reactions yield product which is not a pain in the ass to work up. Amen.

Maybe that’s not the way HE said it, but that’s the way I read those editorials.

Communications can now be 3 pages, what do you think?
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