Blah Blah. Never has so much weight been given to something of such trivial importance. I’m impressed with the cash they hand out – a cool million is nothing to sneeze at but, that being said, my group blows through a million every four years. My only question is… do they give that million out as a huge novelty check? I emailed Karl Barry S. and asked him, but I got no reply. It would be awesome if they did. Anyway, here are my predictions:

Peace: Al Gore, for his relentless use of Powerpoint.

Literature: Someone French, since the people that hand out the lit prize don’t read anything else English writer Doris Lessing

Physics: A physicist Albert Fert of France and Peter Gruenberg of Germany

Medicine: A physician Martin Evans, Mario Capecchi and Oliver Smithies

Economic: A free trade pro-IMF economis Leonid Hurwicz, Eric S. Maskin and Roger B. Myerson, all from the U.S.

Chemistry: A biologist Gerhard Ertl (Like the inquisition, no one saw that coming. This may also screw Whitesides, Nuzzo and Somorjai out of ever winning one. That’s kind of a bummer, I guess. But, like I said, too much weight has been given to these things.)

Don’t get me wrong, I think Tsien has one coming. Whitesides and Sir Frasier too, but I don’t see an ORGANIC CHEMIST getting one. I.E. Trost won’t be getting any long distance calls tomorrow tonight early Wednesday morning. But, if I had to guess, here is what I would put down:

Whitesides and Nuzzo for monolayer self assembly or Stoddart and Tour for molecular machines and self assembly or Tsien, Prasher and Chalfie for GFP and its use as a molecular probe.

I will not do a post on the Prize itself, unless an auto mechanic won it or something. Or my boss. So, I don’t think I’ll be doing a post.