That’s a good question and I hadn’t given it much thought, but since I’m Blogger Emeritus I figured I should. The idea behind Emeritus is (to my knowledge) that they have performed their duties so well that they have earned the right to be slightly bizarre people and “work” from 1-3pm and still demand people call them “professor.” Wikipedia defines it more explicitly, of course in their Emeritus article. Since I am the first and, to my knowledge, the only Blogger Emeritus I suppose it lies upon me to come up with some guidelines to the whole thing so we can sort this out and seeing as how blogging is an international thing, we shall do it in the language of the Lord – English. Feel free to chime in, anytime.

A Blogger becomes qualified for an Emeritus position when he or she has done all of the following:

1) been profiled in a printed publication with a circulation greater than 100,000 people,
2) has contributed to the field of blogging by being very awesome and,
3) upon a vote in which the majority have agreed it to be reasonable

A blogger Emeritus is thus entitled to:

1) retain the title “blogger” for life, even if they no longer have a blog or do blogging activities
2) can ask stupid or repetitive questions in seminar or on other blogs and expect respect of their age-wise knowledge.
3) leave the blog for weeks on end if they choose without updating or apologizing for absence or really giving a fuck if the whole thing fell to pieces.

There. Let it be resolved.