By now, everyone has heard about scientists using drugs to become smarter, better, faster like the Kanye West. For those under rocks, 20% of “scientists” have admitted to using performance enhancing drugs (a.k.a. Nootropics)- drugs which I’ve actually blogged about like Modafinil and other’s I have yet touched, like Ritalin.

The 1 in 5 number is a bit surprising, but it brought up a number of well written and freely accessible deliberations on the use of such drugs here. (Note the persistence of the age old practice of addressing letters to the editor as SIR. I demand righteous indignation be heaped upon them out of fairness for the abuses I’ve taken.)

Whatever. To the chemist, most of these drugs are readily accessible compounds. Only the fear of ingesting stuff you made in the lab must be overcome (which is honestly about as close as “not accessible” as one can come), but, I hypothesize, for most people availability is a major hurdle to doing drugs. So, let me ask you this question: I’ll qualify it by saying that you’d use it only in cases where it is necessary, but, let’s say you had a bottle of Provagil all legally obtained. You needed it to finish up an experiment (which you could do the next day, though that wouldn’t be ideal) would you take a pill to help you finish up your work through the night? I’ll do a follow up in a week or so as the votes trickle in. (I appreciate that this is a bit of a trickier question than, “which way is it spinning” but perhaps I could convince a few hundred of you to vote here. I mean… you’re clicking a button here. JUST VOTE. Don’t think. Pretend this is Chicago or something.)

You know, you could abuse the shit out them too… but the point is, you’ve got the bottle already – why not?

If you could take any of these nootropics, would you?

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