We have something in the lab that I like to call the Soviet Eyewash station. It consists of a long needle sticking straight out of a sliced squeeze bottle attached to an aspirator. One of our visiting students made it for us and it was to replace the NMR tube cleaner Aldrich charges a brazillion dollars for (though that 5 NMR tube washing thing is pretty sweet.) Nevertheless, funding was tight and when some clever scholar broke our expensive aldrich NMR tube cleaner so we needed a cheap alternative:

The concept is simple and I think it’s actually on the internet already, but for those of you who aren’t familiar, here is a simple scheme that I made whilst practicing my Adobe Illustrator skills. (Am I the only one that feels like a retard with that Pen tool?) You stick the NMR tube on the long needle and squirt solvent into that ghetto fucking cup there and the suction takes it through the tube and on out. You can pretty much use whatever solvent you want. I like to soak mine in Nitric acid and slurp it out and wash with DI water for that extra sparkle clean. Chloroform followed by acetone also seems to be a good system for most things. I’ve never had the urge to squirt DMSO into there, but I assume it would work.

And there you have it. For some reason the pngs look like shit. But I’m hoping it’s visible. Hope this helps anyone who hasn’t seen it before. *HINT* the best NMR washing solution is nitric acid followed by acetone. (JUST kidding. Please don’t try that. You may blow your face off.)