Recently, as mentioned by Klug in the comments, the “take a picture of every slide” game has caught on fervently amongst some people. They also wonder around and take pictures of posters. I think most of them are Chinese, I dunno, I haven’t seen too many Honkey-assed Crackers doing it, but I imagine that once the Chinese start, white people everywhere will start.

Well, this is gay. It’s incredibly fucking annoying to be sitting in an audience and have three flashes go off every time a slide is put up. It’s also invasive to have your poster’s picture taken. This is cheating, I feel, because intellectual property theft should be done with rote memorization – not digitalization. Now the contents of an entire talk can be digitized and transmitted back to the mother ship by the end of the day and the next morning, an entire lab can be mobilized to start pirating your fresh results.

To this, I say, no photography should be allowed at ACS events! Or any event. If it is, I don’t see the point in showing unpublished data. If there’s no point to showing unpublished data, there’s hardly a point in going to a conference.

UPDATE: A good and reflective post by a Chinese colleague of ours can be found here. Also, my spam gobbler is eating some legit comments from new posters. Don’t be alarmed if your post doesn’t appear immediately.