It’s Nobel season again and so I’m compelled to toss out predictions. Surface shit won last year and the deck is stacked a bit with physical biochem. Thus I’m slightly compelled to go with:

Tsein (for glowing crap.)

Lippard, Schreiber (for inorganic / biochemistry related crap)

Heck, Suzuki, Sonogashira (I think they’re all still living… for the reactions that made their names famous)

Stoddart! (for kicking ass and taking names with molecular machines)

But it’s vogue in the blogosphere to hand out one’s own award. Since I won’t jinx the gents who I think really might win, I’ll pick someone that might maybe probably win and Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Shultz and Bertozzi have already won their unofficial blogosphere Nobel awards.

So… uhh… that pretty much means I have to pick someone not in that group. Therefore, I choose:


and he gets a plaque*, if he so chooses, with the official logo of The Chem Blog Nobel Award:

For his relentless contribution to surface science (hehe), Pd couplings and nonsensical over exaggerated and speculative research funded by crazy people at Honda.

Hah. I got nothin’ – though Tsein shouldn’t win a Nobel prize until he learns to reply to email.

*To claim your plaque you must email me at my email address: kylefinchsigmate at gmail dot com.