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Biochemistry Functional Groups Poster
A poster version of the popular mousepad, this large image shows you everything you MUST KNOW for before you get out of biochem.
Ol' Miskatonic University T T-shirts
Miskatonic University T-Shirt for the proud and quite insane alumni.
Miskatonic University Hooded Sweatshirts
If you have to ask, just don't worry about it.

Beautiful Walk through the 1000 gates of Kyoto Stretched Canvas Prints
A trip through the 100 gates of Osaka. Beautiful photo on canvass.
Functional Groups Biochem Mug
The best resource for remembering amino acids, nucleobases and sugars. Wow your coworkers and cheat on your exams! Best thing ever.
functional groups poster
The mouse pad is now a poster, to be hung as reference for all

Biochemistry Mousepad
Amino Acids, Aldohexoses and Nucleotides!
Chemkore Punk skateboard
Large neurotoxin expressed by shellfish. Kills people by h4x0ring their voltage-gated sodium channels.
nanojesus t shirts
NanoJesus died for your sins so you could live free in the kingdom of Tour.

Functional Groups Mouse Pad
This mouse pad contains 66 common (and not so common) organic functional groups. While it doesn't have everything - it has a lot.
NanoEscher Mug
This is the Mug which has the NanoEscher design. It's cool.
The Smug Mug
The classic Smug Mug offers others the opportunity to provide credit where credit is due.